Application Requirements

Students must be 18 years of age or older. Prospective students are required to:

1. Complete and sign all application forms
2. Submit application with application fee and deposit in amount currently required by Indy’s Grooming School.
3. Have an interview with a representative of Indy’ Grooming School.

Prior Experience and education can not be applied to programs and courses.

Notification of Acceptance

Once these three requirements have been met, Indy’s Grooming School will assess the student’s application and make a determination regarding acceptance for admission. Applicants will be notified of the status of their acceptance by phone call or email. Indy’s Grooming School reserves the right to reject any applicant for any reason.


Students who withdraw from the program for any reason may submit an updated application for re-admission along with a new application fee and required information. Students applying for re-admission must have a record of their previous transcript, which will be evaluated to determine which course component have been successfully completed. Tuition fees will be assessed on an individual basis in the event of re-admission.

Tuition and fees

The application fee of $250 will be applied to your tuition and is charged to offset Indy’s Grooming School costs involved in the processing the applicant. This fee is refunded if the applicant fails to gain school acceptance.,but is non-refundable if the applicant does not attend or drops out before the end of the course (see refund schedule below). All tuition fees are due in full seven days prior to the start of the course, unless prior arrangements have been made and accepted in writing by the school.

Fee schedule

Application Fee (Paypal, cash, check only)$250
Full course tuition if paid in full before the start of the course (Paypal)$7,750.00

Payment Plan Option (via

Application Fee$250
Tuition Fee (Set up your own financing schedule via$8,000
Total Fees$8,250

Tuition includes all required grooming equipment, supplies, manuals and books, instruction, and a certificate of graduation. Tuition does not include meals, lodging, transportation expenses related to student’s dog/cat, or any other items not mentioned above.