Grooming Course Overview and Introduction

Indy Grooming Academy for professional dog groomers has grown out of a need and a deficiency. The need is for qualified, talented, well-trained people to practice their grooming skills in a variety of venues – from grooming shops to vet’s offices, pet stores, mobile grooming vans, show handler, breeder, pet owner, and owner-operated facilities. The deficiency is in the quality of grooming education previously available in the area. The impetus behind our school was a less than positive experience – a grooming school graduate assessing the short-comings in her education and dreaming of the school she wished she could have attended. Thus, our school for dog groomers was born.

Many people may not know that Indy Ray started her career in dogs as an apprentice dog groomer, learning grooming skills and ultimately becoming a professional dog groomer, which she practiced for many years. Her experience forms the basis for a comprehensive and valuable experience for our students. A student comes from a variety of backgrounds – some with little or no pet experience to pet professionals wishing to learn and explore new information and techniques. The program is designed to help each student reach their own unique goals and desires in the grooming profession. Whether you want to learn how to groom your dog; to groom part-time at home for some extra income; become a full-time professional groomer, or open a grooming business of your own, we strive to meet the goals of every student. Our facility and staff provide a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in the pet industry and profession while fulfilling their dreams. Ansede Animal Hospital and Indy Grooming Academy are committed to providing our students with a quality grooming education. The coursework offered in this program is the ultimate in creating groomers who will use their skills to enhance the lives of dogs and the relationship between dogs and their owners.

MISSION STATEMENT to create the highest level of lifelong mutual enjoyment between people and their dogs and cats. The Mission of Indy Grooming Academy and Ansede Animal Hospital is to educate people to the highest standards, offering a humane, skilled, and comprehensive approach to their grooming profession.


President/ Admin: Frank Ansede, DVM
Director of Student Training: Indy Ray
Groomer: Indy Ray
Treasurer / Secretary: Michele Poggi

FACILITIES – Ansede Animal Hospital has been serving the Greater Raleigh Area since August 2002.

Ansede Animal Hospital Grooming facility has been constructed in 2015 and has been serving the grooming needs of the area.

Students will enjoy and benefit from the following: GROOMING FACILITY – A fully-equipped grooming salon including a walk in tub bathing room, a separate drying room, and a fully equipped separate room for finished grooming. Additionally, the grooming school will utilize other areas, including a classroom and conference room for class discussions and lectures.

EVENT & TRAINING FACILITY – A 800 sq. Ft. area with climate control. Wifi service will be available for all students.

ADMISSION POLICIES & PROCEDURES There is no single formula for decisions regarding a student’s admission to the Academy Certification program. All factors, such as the applicant’s experiences, goals, background, and passion, provide us with a framework to decide on enrollment. Even if you have no experience working with dogs, you can be enrolled. Consequently, the Academy may not be able to give objective reasons for a candidate’s acceptance or rejection. Candidates should know, however, that every applicant receives consideration without discrimination. Any attempt to mislead or deceive in the application process will result in dismissal and forfeiture of all fees. Generally, after the applications have been reviewed, you will be notified whether you are accepted within 5-7 business days. All fees must be paid and satisfied before the application review.

STUDENT INTRODUCTION & ORIENTATION Students are welcomed and introduced to the faculty and staff at student orientation – the beginning of the program. Student orientation is mandatory for all enrolled students, including those that may be re-entering the course. Students will be working together, learning and grooming together, and developing important relationships throughout the Academy programs. This orientation is the first step in this process. Student orientation familiarizes the students with the rules and procedures for the coursework and provides an introduction to the Academy facilities. Students are encouraged to ask questions at all times – from orientation through to graduation and beyond.

GRADES, EVALUATIONS & PROGRESS The Academy uses a standard 4 point grading system as follows: Points Grade Numerical scale

4.0     A     90 – 100
3.0     B     80 – 89
2.0     C     70 – 79
1.0     D     60 – 69
0.0     F     Below 60

Grades on content learned include formats such as written exams, papers, reports, oral participation, video, and hands-on practical application. Students may earn extra credits for outstanding work.

Conversely, grades may be affected by repeated infractions such as failure to meet deadlines, chronic tardiness, and the like. The Academy wants every student to achieve success. At each evaluation, a student with a GPA lower than 2.0 will have a conference with their Advisor to determine the best course of action to help the student succeed.

UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES A student who is unable to complete the coursework due to illness, accident, or death in the student’s immediate family, will be given an “Incomplete” and have the opportunity to complete the course at a future date. A student who fails to complete the coursework will not be eligible for a certificate.

WITHDRAWAL A student wishing to withdraw must do so in writing to the Director. To be considered for re-admission, the student must have an interview with the Director.

SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION Upon the successful completion of the requirements, students will receive a Certificate of Graduation. North Carolina does not require further degrees or accreditation. For those interested in advanced certificates, please discuss with your advisor.

HOLIDAYS The Academy observes the following National holidays: Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Years Day. The facility closes during these times.


Indy Grooming Academy for Professional Dog Groomers is approximately 12 weeks, with up to 30-40 hours of instruction per week.

Classes meet five days a week from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Class times are subject to change and are flexible. We strive to meet the demands and requirements of our students.

Courses start approximately every three months. Classes are tentatively scheduled to start in June. Exact dates are subject to change. For more information and starting dates for the next course, call 919-661-1515, or email



Students will complete assignments on time, or will, before the completion date, make new arrangements with their Advisor. Completing assignments on time is essential both to learning and for good business practice. Classes will begin promptly as scheduled. Repeated tardiness will result in not only in the loss of information but may be reflected in a student’s grade. A student who is unable to attend class or keep an appointment with an Advisor for any reason should notify the Advisor or Instructor in a timely fashion.

PERSONAL PHONE CALLS & CELL PHONES Except in an emergency, classes will not be interrupted for personal calls. Cell phones may not be used except during breaks, and are limited to use outside the building. Cell phones must be turned off during class hours, while grooming, walking, or working with dogs.

SMOKING, DRINKING, DRUGS & CHEWING GUM Alcohol and drug use will not be tolerated. Ansede Animal Hospital and Grooming is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is permitted during breaks only in the designated area behind the building. Students may not smoke when handling or walking a dog. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in appropriate receptacles. No gum chewing is allowed in public at any time and no eating in the reception area.

VULGAR LANGUAGE, DISRESPECT, SEXUAL HARASSMENT & DISCRIMINATION Vulgarity and rudeness will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment consists of unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or unwanted sexual attention by anyone associated with the Academy, whether male or female. Any student who feels harassed should discuss it with the Director. All complaints will be treated seriously, kept as confidential as possible, and investigated fully.

UNSATISFACTORY CONDUCT A student who engages in repeated infractions of the Academy Codes of Conduct will be given a written warning. The Academy will offer guidance to help the student improve to meet the conduct standards of the Academy. While the Academy cannot control a student’s choices of his or her conduct, the Academy can determine and control the environment it wishes to maintain and embody. Consequently, a student who chooses to engage in infractions after receiving a warning is indicating his or her choice not to remain at the Academy. A student making such a choice by repeated infractions of the Academy Codes of Conduct will not be eligible for a tuition refund.


We are members of a team working harmoniously with genuine caring and respect for each other as well as for our customers (both pets and people). We are aware of the needs of others and step in to help. Every member of our team pitches in to help a client, staff member, or fellow student whenever and wherever they can. In a diverse and active business like ours, there may be times when an activity impinges on the ability of another team member to perform their duties. For example, conversations in and near the reception area should be in a quiet tone of voice, so the receptionists can hear on the telephone and talk with customers. (Also quieting barking dogs).

SERVICE & PROFESSIONALISM In a service-oriented business, customers have choices. We conduct ourselves professionally, always striving to meet the needs of all customers and potential customers, always treating the public in a courteous, prompt, professional, respectful, friendly, and positive manner. Staff and students conduct themselves with a demeanor that promotes confidence. Never speak negatively about or display a negative attitude toward any owner or dog in front of any client. Conversations regarding problems or difficulties with specific dogs or clients will be conducted privately in non-public areas.

PRIVACY POLICY We protect peoples’ privacy. The privacy and integrity of clients, staff, and students will be respected. Any conversations, discussions, or information regarding private matters are to remain at the Academy.

DEMONSTRATE WHAT WE ADVOCATE We advocate a non-punitive, positive approach to grooming, training, and living with a pet; display and demonstrate such treatment in all our dealings with pets both in public and in private. In all our interactions with pets, we support, assist, and maintain desired behavior. In all our interactions with pets, we are careful not to undermine the owners’ efforts, including such things as jumping on us, feeding dogs from the table, allowing them to jump on counters, and the like. The mark of integrity is what we do when no one is looking.


Everyone is asked to wear appropriate dress for the function of his/her duties. While casual clothes are practically a requirement, students are encouraged to wear a scrub top and scrub pants and sneakers. Closed-toe, rubber-soled shoes are common footwear for groomers.
The following is considered inappropriate attire: Spandex and exercise clothing, including tank tops. Athletic shorts (shorts are not recommended for safety reasons, but if worn, shorts must be at least finger-tip length) Torn, ill-fitting (loose or tight), or dirty clothes or the “grunge” look , Sweatpants or Yoga pants, Sandals, open toed or open heeled shoes, clogs, high heels.

INTEGRITY AND HONOR Everyone at Ansede Animal Hospital and Grooming adheres to the highest standards of character, ethics, and integrity. Any student at the Academy who exhibits dishonesty or unethical behavior in any manner, whether or not related to academic performance, is choosing to terminate their enrollment and participation in the Academy grooming program. We expect students to hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Any student found cheating or plagiarizing will be choosing to terminate their participation in the Academy grooming program. Any student assisting another in any act of dishonesty will be treated as if they had committed the same offense, and is likewise making a choice to terminate their enrollment at the Academy. No refunds for such behavior!


Students are encouraged to groom their pets and may bring their pets in for practice (if appropriate). Students have full responsibility for the care, feeding, and any expenses related to the dog(s) they bring. If appropriate for the pet, students may enroll the pet in daycare with the prior permission of daycare staff. If cage space is limited, students must provide their crates. Students understand that other students will be grooming each student’s pet from time to time, with the assurance that no handling or techniques contrary to our philosophy of humane treatment will ever be used. Students are responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Students will conduct themselves at all times, whether on or off the Academy grounds, to the highest standards of good pet ownership. A student who fails to do so will receive a warning. Repeated infractions will result in dismissal. Students’ pets must be healthy, and students must show proof of current Rabies immunization. With all due care being taken, Ansede Animal Hospital is not responsible for the health or wellness of the student’s pet unless they wish to become a veterinary patient at Ansede Animal Hospital.


The Academy assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to a student’s personal property, or damage to any car or vehicle, or loss or damage to the student’s pets, or loss by theft of any vehicle or any of its contents while in, on or adjacent to Academy property. Each student is responsible for his or her living expenses, including travel; food; care and feeding of his or her pets and ancillary supplies.


Students must make their arrangements. Students may contact the Director for a list of local motels and hotels that allow pets. Students staying in local hotels must adhere to a strict code of conduct for themselves and their pets.
VISITORS We welcome students’ family and friends to visit Ansede Animal Hospital for a tour of the facility during non-class hours. Visitors must be accompanied by a staff person and must be cautioned not to handle any animals or put their fingers in any enclosures containing dogs or cats.


Pursuing a career in grooming is enjoyable, but it is physical and requires manual labor. It is also not without risk. Students acknowledge this risk and recognize that even with all due care being exercised, injuries can occur and that the Academy is not responsible for injuries to any student or any student’s pets that result from participation in the Academy’s programs and courses of study. Each student represents that he or she is in good health and is physically able to perform all aspects of the Academy program.


Sometimes weather or Instructor illness may warrant a class is postponed that day. Your instructor will notify you that morning or evening if classes are canceled for that day.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS It is the sincere desire of everyone at the Academy that all students will complete the program. Requirements for graduation include a 2.0 GPA, at least a 75% grade on the final exam, and a final practicum demonstrating the student’s knowledge and ability to groom a variety of dogs.

JOB PLACEMENT Graduates of the Academy are qualified to groom dogs and to secure positions as dog groomers. Graduates will have a broad overview and range of knowledge of dog grooming essentials and fundamentals; however, it takes more than 16 weeks to develop the highest levels of professionalism and expertise. While many grooming shops consider this Academy education complete, we strongly recommend that our graduates continue building their skills and techniques seeking apprenticeships under the supervision of talented, dedicated groomers. Indy Grooming Academy will assist graduates, as much as possible, in finding a career in the field of dog grooming. The Academy cannot guarantee placement or starting salaries, and cannot be held responsible if a student fails to find employment as a dog groomer. From time to time, the Academy will hire graduates of its program, but such openings are not guaranteed to any graduate.